Saturday, April 08, 2006

An update at last...

whew...its been a while since we updated the blog but here we go at last...

Busy work has kept up the release schedule. Secret Societies has started out selling very well and the product has gone to printers. Expect it to hit stores worldwide during the second quarter of this year.

Two new product lines we are working on, Horrendous Habitats and RPG Mastery will see their first products come out in the next few months. We will tell you more about that when we can.

Our music products are moving along, surprisingly people seem to be reacting favourably to the availability of this product line and we will be continuing to give you more of these products over the months to come.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Its a big release week!

Greetins all!

Its a huge week for us as our highly anticipated Mitarra adventure goes to stores complete with embedded audio and free musical tracks to enhance your gaming experience.

We are also happy to announce our newest product line - The Map Foundry. The Map Foundry products deliver a selection of highly detailed and versatile vector based maps to gamers and Game Masters. Our goal is to create vector based maps that come as close as possible to the visual quality standards of regular hand drawn maps.

In this first installment, we bring you a two level, mini-cave complex ready to drop into your campaign or to use a one shot adventure map.

best regards

Kosala Ubayasekara
Founder and CEO

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mitarra cover art coming this week

We got the cover artwork by Joe Slucher for our upcoming second book in the Mitarra series - The Caves of Crystal. We will be previewing it next week so keep your eyes tuned to this space...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well boys and girls..its out! Robots, the second supplement to the highly acclaimed SciFi d20 RPG setting Bulldogs! from Galileo Games is now available on all major e-retail stores.

best regards

Kosala Ubayasekara
Founder and CEO

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

There's probably a point in here somewhere, but no promises!

It’s 7:30 am US central standard time and I have just destroyed the cork in a bottle of wine. It’s the cork’s fault. It ate the corkscrew off a Swiss army knife that hasn’t know injury since Truman was President of the United States. My Grandfather-in-law’s ghost is either very angry or snickering – I can’t quite tell. I honestly suspect he has a similar story that’s too riddled with cuss words to risk typing.

Regardless - I now see it as my mission to finish the bottle of ’92 Murphy-Goode Pinot Blanc before letting sleep, or unconsciousness in one form or another, take control for awhile. Before you think it’s really far too early for this, let me explain a little bit about my life.

My life is a series of quests for the next nap. An article on recently suggested adults that don’t get eight hours of daily sleep (in a row presumably) suffer – essentially getting stupider for lack of proper sleep. I hope that isn’t true. If it is, I now know less at almost 39 years old than I did as a college freshman – of course as a college freshman I knew Everything (with the capitol E) and the world and all those that swam in the mainstream were wrong, shallow minded idiots, so there may be some truth there.

I work nights at a Rock and Roll (yes, it IS capitalized) station and 3 out of 5 weekdays tend to my young son – watching Dora the Explorer and Fairly Oddparents (which my son has wisely summed up as “Timmy”. At not quite four years old he already knows the wisdom of avoiding too many unnecessary syllables) with him, teaching him to give a raspberry to commercials while scribbling notes for my Dungeons and Dragons games. Four times a week I have the chance to sleep between six and eight hours in a row. I all too often abuse that luxury by staying up too late scribbling notes for my Dungeons and Dragons games.

Today is one of those days. After prepping enough interesting information for the night I took my DM’s turn in the “between face to face session” posts on my campaign’s internet group (my players surprised me by their honest humility and lack of greed in the face of a great king opening the door to giving them just about anything as reward for a deed extraordinarily well done) and then recorded several voice tracks for the upcoming Mitarra: The Agenda of Itherelle release (#2 – The Cave of Crystals). In the weird way that ideas work, all that gave me a bit of inspiration for adventure #7 (working title – Bring ‘em Back Alive. I expect to improve on that, but even Led Zeppelin gave a song a title that had absolutely nothing to do with the song itself).

Inspiration must be typed as soon as possible or it goes away to the land of forgotten. So my ideas are now where I can see them later. But now there’s still Murphy-Goode Pinot Blanc in my glass (labeled ”super-cola” in brown curvy letters. Quick – what decade do you think it’s from?) so I’ve turned my attention here.

You’ve certainly pieced together that I’m the author of the Mitarra: the Agenda of Itherelle series of D&D adventures now being published by Silven. If you’re unfamiliar with the series (well – it’s new. #2 is due out this month), it takes a group of PCs from 1st level up on through about 20 adventures, all in a geographic area small enough to be inserted in just about any existing campaign world. Mitarra is a full but isolated society, but honestly – it’s isolated simply so it can fit into an existing campaign world without disrupting either Mitarra or the wider world. It’s isolation means it will fit in nearly any campaign world with only a few tweaks.

The adventures reflect this. They are each designed to stand alone, while at the same time fitting neatly one into the next in an overall plot. Plans are to also have each adventure – each product – include setting information that builds on what previous adventures have presented, but in a way that lets DM lift it and use it without bothering with the adventure if they don’t want to. On the other hand, all of the adventures will have plenty for DMs to mine and lift for their own campaigns, even if they don’t bother with Mitarra at all. The first adventure, “Centipedes!”, features a town that can be placed in any campaign world with only a few tweaks, and a location that can go anywhere without any tweaking at all.

And all of them require the gamer to own nothing more than the PH! Everything else is included in the package!

So there’s what I’m working on - a private D&D campaign (core books only with a few select things from UA, Savage Species, and whatever my players simply can’t live without), the Mitarra series, and my life as unrelated to gaming. That last is where the need for daylight hours sleep comes in. After some seven hours pass, I’ll be awake again – picking up my son from his twice a week daycare and then giving my wife of almost ten years a pinch as we all pile in the car to go grocery shopping. Then I get to eat and try and nap again before starting it all over again. Except tomorrow isn’t a “school day” for the son, and I can count on maybe three hours of sleep. But my work is also starting an annual fundraiser for one of the most worthwhile charities on the planet, and I get to be a part of that while also typing notes and quotes for my D&D games (Mitarra and private).

All in all, my life is weird but good.

The all new Silven Trumpeter


Just for you blog readers...a sneak preview of our upcoming issue of the Silven Trumpeter cover, and yes...we are going to have a Ptolus exclusive!

best regards

Kosala Ubayasekara
Founder and CEO

Mitarra Extras & Introduction

I am currently in the process of working on some of the musical web enhancement material for Mitarra. As Kosala mentioned in a few of the book announcements, the book will include both an audio component, as well as a musican enhancement - sortof a small bonus soundtrack inspired by, and appropriate for the game. I'm working on that in addition to the mechanics editing for the book. Runestones (for which I served as both mechanics and content editor) just came out and seems to be selling quite well.

As for previous work with Silven I've written (or co-written) Curses!, The Pun is Mightier than the Sword, and NPCyclopedia: Psionics. I have done the mechanics editing for Runestone, The Lutrins, Sarkuvans, and Mitarra: Cave of Crystals. I've done content on Runestones and was the production director of NPCyclopedia: Psionics. I've also written numerous articles for the Trumpeter.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Can't Think of a Good Title

Hi, this is Matthew J. Hanson another writer who publishes things with Silven from time to time. Right now I’ve got two books, out (50 New Ways to Blow Things Up and NPCyclopedia: Psionics [With Eytan Bernstein and Sean Holland]). I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the next Starlanko book featuring Evocation.

A little bit about me. I’ve also been gaming for a long time, starting with the classic D&D Red Box. I fell under the sway of Paladium games (especially Rifts) for a while in high school, but since college I’ve pretty much stuck to d20. (Oh I also used to play Toon. Anybody else play that? It was pretty sweet).

In addition to my work at Silven, I’ve also got articles published in Dragon magazine, including one this month featuring mind blade feats. I also am an aspiring playwright, and I’ve had a couple of one-acts performed, including a performance coming up in March in New York city.

As you might have noticed I’m also a shameless self-promoter, and thus will probably manage to work, the official website of Matthew J. Hanson into just about ever post.

That’s all for now.


The two-year book...still in development!

A team of silven writers, myself included, has been working on a massive, incredibly cool, and quite useful book for about two years now. Of course, things like real life moves, injuries, other projects, and other assorted life happenings have put a snag in the works from time to time, but still we press on. As the book is still in development (we are shooting to be finished by mid summer...have I mentioned this book is massive?) I can't drop too many details. We should be in editing and then layout by the fall, so I'm thinking this will have a late fall/early winter release. As the book comes closer and closer to completion, I'll drop hints on the blog now and again, and later post some of our design stories. For now, you will just have to wait and see!

A Geeky Gamer Revealed

Hello everyone, welcome to yet another great Silven production!

I'm going to start off my first post to the blog with a little background info about myself. At Silven and many other places on the web I am known as Leader Desslok, but in real life my true identity is Mike Thompson, a cog in a major multinational finance company and a veteran gamer. I'm one of the mechanics editors for Silven Publishing, and I also act as a forum moderator at our web site. I am also one of those untried new authors who got his first work published by our fine company; namely, the Races of Twilight series (The Green, The Lutrins, and The Sarkuvans). There's still more volumes in the works, so stay tuned for future updates.

I've been playing RPGs since I was 10 years old, which means I years experience (damn I'm old). I've played all versions of Dungeons & Dragons (Greyhawk is still my all-time favorite TSR/WotC setting), Marvel Superheroes, Villains and Vigilantes, Champions, Boot Hill, Star Frontiers, Shadowrun (1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions), Cyberpunk 2020, Vampire: The Masquerade, Mage: The Ascension, Nightshift, James Bond 007, Top Secret, Mutants & Masterminds (1st and 2nd edition), Talislanta, Renegade Legion: Legionnaire, Fireborn, The Basic System, and probably a few others I can't remember. Needless to say, I've rolled a few dice in my time. :)

As we move into 2006 I'll share some of my gaming experiences as player and GM, toss out some hints and rumors of upcoming Silven products, discuss different gaming topics, and maybe toss out some recommendations here and there. We have a lot of great stuff coming up this year, so stick around for more info!

Mike Thompson